Research Supports Learning in Virtual Environments

As technologies continue to advance and become more affordable, training strategies are evolving and expanding to incorporate virtual reality as a vital component of curriculum. Many studies validate this medium as valuable and potentially critical to job training, particularly in... Read More

Measurements and Analytics

We offer many arguments for the use of virtual reality immersive experiences as a core component of job training and workforce development: scalability, safety, portability, engagement, retention of instruction… volumes of research support our conviction. One of the greatest rationales... Read More

The rapid acceptance of the Oculus Quest represents a sea change in actual usage of VR

It was for us! Prior to the Quest arriving, challenging experiences would need to be used on a head-mounted display such as the HTC Vive. A wonderful headset, but you were required to run it from a powerful gaming laptop... Read More

Why Virtual Apprentice?

One of the biggest obstacles to scaling up apprenticeships in the United States is employers’ reluctance to invest in the upfront costs of training workers who could take their skills elsewhere before those costs are recouped, an issue that has... Read More

Why Immersive Tech?

Why virtual reality? Or, broader still, why immersive technology – the overarching name of the category which includes augmented reality and mixed reality.  While not exactly new, why are we using them as the game-changing core of our new business... Read More